The Department of Radiology in Shalamar Hospital offers comprehensive, cutting-edge diagnostic technology that provides the physician with the state-of-the-art capability he/she requires for timely medical intervention. Services are provided in an environment that is warm and friendly and provides procedure areas that are discrete and private.Shalamar Hospital's Radiology department has an experienced staff of Board Certified physicians and technologists who are constantly upgrading their skills with continuing education, advanced degrees, and industry seminars and conferences.

The Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging Centre provides the following services:-

X-ray is the busiest department of the hospital equipped with three units; that is, two 500 ma units and a 600 ma units with fluoroscopy and image intensifier with monitor for routine radiography. The Department also has one mobile (500 ma unit) and another portable unit for bedside radiography.

The Ultrasound section has three multi-purpose Ultra Sound units; one of these is with Colour Doppler system. The department functions 24 hours a day and is supervised by four full-time Consultants and one Visiting Consultant.

Myelography, arthrography, sialography, venography and many other procedures are performed in the Department. Sonomamography and almost all ultrasound guided, CT guided procedures are also performed in the Radiology Department.