The audiologists at Shalamar are equipped to provide a complete range of audiologic and vestibular testing and rehabilitative services, including hearing aid selection and dispensing.
Established in 1996, this Department is currently serving not only the population of Northern Lahore but is one of the few tertiary referral centres for the whole of the Punjab. It is serving both adults and paediatric population suffering with congenital and acquired hearing problems.
The department is equipped with latest machinery and expertise. The services are not only provided at the Hospital but trips are arranged at Basic Health Units to provide free hearing tests to the needy. Uptill now, approximately fifteen thousand patients have been examined and treated by this Department.

Following audiology services are currently available at Shalamar Hospital.
1. Audiometery (Paediatric and Adult)
2. Tympanometery
3. Speech Audiometery
4. Vertigo test
5. Hearing Aid Advice

It is planned to upgrade the unit with the addition of Evoked Response Audiometery and Otoacoustic Emission tests.