Established in July 1986, the Department is equipped with the latest equipment []PROGEA[] by Belmont Japan. It is a multi discipline clinic run by a full time Consultant.
It has the facility of providing a wide range of patient services ranging from simple fillings to the extensive surgical procedures. The commonly treated problems include Gum diseases,Conservative Problems (Caries, Fillings etc.), Surgical Problems (Extraction, Impaction etc.), Trauma, Prosthetic Problem (Dentures, Bridges etc.) and Orthodontic problems (Prominent teeth). Sterilization is ensured strictly. Services offered are:

     Cosmetic Dentistry
     Restorative Dentistry
     Periodontal Services
     Management of Trauma
     Surgical Rehabilitation
     Prosthodontic Services

The management is working on the establishment of a second surgery-capable Dentistry Section which will facilitate the patients as follows:
Waiting time would be reduced

     1. Number of visits required by patients would be less
     2. More patients will be provided care in a shorter time period