Facilities & Services

Anesthesia Department at Shalamar Hospital & Research Centre provides anesthesia to a wide variety of surgical patients inside the four operating rooms.Anesthesia is also provided in MRI suit, where a state of the art MRI compatible anesthesia machine and monitoring is used for safe conduct of the diagnostic test. Sedation and anesthesia is provided in Endoscopy unit for either Gastro-esophageal or pulmonary interventions. Sedation and anesthesia is also provided for vascular coiling and for neuro-interventional radiology. Other areas for activity are sedation for Radiation simulations in children in the department of Radiation Oncology.

Our practice is as wide based as are the demands for anesthesia requirements in different specialties and varied locations through out the hospital. The department is well equipped with the latest tools to safely conduct anesthesia and sedation. Operating rooms are equipped with most modern anesthesia machines with availabity of invasive monitoring, We are in the process to updating all the older equipment in the operating rooms and the PACU ( post anesthesia care unit) to the most modern equipment available.

Wide variety of interventional pain procedures including Radiofrequency Nerve and Joint Ablations as well as permanent neurolysis for cancer pain are routinely performed. Interventional Pain Service with dedicated pain nurse provides a wide variety of solutions to patients in severe pain


The deparment is recognised by CPSP and 10 Resident Doctors are being imparted training for fellowship Degree.

Trainees get training for Invasive monitoring, Fibro-optic intubations in a wide case mix of clinical scenarios, both inside as well as out of operating rooms.


The Department is carrying out research studies on Pain Managment.

Awards, Certifications & Affiliations

The Department of anesthesiology is recognized for full four year training programme for FCPS (Anesthesiology) and MCPS (Anesthesiology) degrees by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan