Physiotherapy is an essential service and one of the healing sciences which pertains to treatment of disorders of muscles, bones and joints by means of physical agents i.e. heat, light, water, magnet, manual and electronic massage and exercises. It aims at restoration of physical function & performance, promote healing, prevent deformity and rehabilitation of disability caused by disease or trauma.Shalamar Hospital has an excellent department of physiotherapy. Since its establishment in 1988, it is being continuously upgraded and equipped with the latest machines. The department works in isolation as well as in collaboration with the departments of Orthopaedics, Medicine, Neurology and Chest Medicine etc.


     1. Short Wave Diathermy Machine.
     2. Ultrasonic Machines:
     3. TENS:
     4. Infra Red Lamp:
     5. Micro Wave Diathermy:
     6. Cervical Traction:
     7. LumbarTraction:
     8. Electrical Muscle Stimulator:
     9. Inter Ferential Current Therapy Units:
     10. Continuous Passive Machine
     11. Wax Therapy Unit:
     12. GYM