Otolaryngology ( ENT )


The Department was set up in 1982 and has 3 full time Consultants, 3 Medical Officers. The Out patient clinics are run daily both in the morning and in the evening for the convenience of the patients.
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery is being done regularly in this department including Endoscopic Pituitary removal, Optic Nerve Decompression and Orbital decompression. Endoscopic Dacrocystorhinostomy (EDCR) is also being carried out with the assistance of a qualified Ophthalmologist.

Surgeries such as Parotidectomies, Laryngectomies and other head and neck surgeries are also being carried out here. Carbon Dioxide Laser is regularly used in Rhinology and head and neck procedures. The first Isshiki Thyroplasty was also carried out in this Department in Pakish4