Since 1997 Shalamar Hospital has international liaison with the CHILDREN RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY & RESEARCH CENTRE, USA with regard to free surgical treatment of burnt and congenitally abnormal children from around the country. We have been sending children with deformities to USA for free surgical treatment. These children either could not be treated in Pakistan or the treatment was so expensive that the child's family could not afford it. Teams of CHILDREN RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY & RESEARCH CENTRE comprising of American Plastic Surgeons, Doctors, Nurses and Operation Theatre Assistants have examined innumerable children from all over Pakistan and operated hundreds of children totally free of cost. All the responsibility of these children in USA is of CRS&RC, whereas return air tickets, visa fee and examination fee is taken care of by the donors. In January & March 2005 they operated 25 children with congenital abnormalities in Shalamar Hospital totally free of cost. Ten burnt and congenitally abnormal children were selected for free surgical treatment in USA. Approximately 120 children are still waiting for the treatment. The waiting list of deformed children increases every week.