Chief Operating Officer Shalamar Hospital


We only commit our resources where we believe they will do the most good.For over twenty-five years, Shalamar Hospital has provided premier healthcare. Our commitment is to continually improve and add to the services we offer. Our goal is to provide quality healthcare that you need and deserve close to home for your family and friends . Our on-going additions to the Hospital in terms of facilities and expansion in buildings show our commitment to provide the highest quality services.

We believe you will find our New Laboratory and the Chain of Collection Centres (soon to be launched), of the highest quality.At the same time, there have been many additions to our facilities and services. Year 2005-2006 has seen opening of some new departments and up-gradations. We have continued to honour our commitment to provide quality and free subsidized treatment to the deserving segment of our society.

The number of children suffering from congenital deformities and burns whom we have helped through treatment in various hospitals in the U.S. over the years with active support from Mrs. Hashmat Effendi of House of Charity, Houston, Texas, also warms our heart.Of course, these are just some of the ways that Shalamar Hospital is making an impact where it is needed by the communities we serve. Some of these efforts go towards helping people live better lives today. Others are to make certain that quality health care will be there tomorrow. But everything we do is to ensure that good health meaning thereby an opportunity, the chance to do more, to live more,and to deliver more for each and every individual.