About One Stop Breast Clinic

Almost 80,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Pakistan. To encourage the timely diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, Shalamar Hospital has implemented the ‘One Stop’ approach – offering patients immediate advice, diagnosis and treatment for breast diseases both benign and malignant, all in one location.

All patients are checked by a female breast and general surgeon.

The One Stop Breast Clinic is headed by Dr. Sadaf Ishaque, a fellowship trained breast and general surgeon who joined Shalamar Hospital in 2015. Dr. Sadaf Ishaque advocates the synergistic use of surgery and minimally invasive techniques. She specializes in all aspects of breast health and the surgical management of complex breast diseases.

The One Stop Breast Clinic is a fast-track diagnostic clinic for women of any age who have noticed recent changes in their breasts, such as a breast lump, breast pain, discharge or nipple inversion.

The One Stop Breast Clinic offers private breast screening with triple assessment, providing thorough and accurate diagnosis of breast cancer.

Triple assessment includes the following:

  1. Clinical breast examination
  2. Breast ultrasound +/- mammography (additional fee if required)
  3. Needle core biopsy if lump found (additional fee if required)


Every Saturday, 9 am – 2 pm

Conditions We Treat

Breast cancer

Benign breast masses and cysts


Fibrocystic breast disease


Accessory breast

Nipple discharge

Any problem in breast while breast feeding

Abnormality in breast skin or lumps

Screening for breast diseases

Procedures and Treatments

Incision and drainage of breast abscess

Ultrasound guided biopsies and aspirations

Excision Biopsy


Modified radical mastectomy

Breast conservation surgery with axillary dissection

Breast oncoplastic surgery

Duct excision surgery

Wide local excision

Lymph node biopsy

Doctors’ Team

Assistant Professor, Department of General Surgery