Prof. Dr. Muhammad Azam Bokhari
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Azam Bokhari
Dermatology Department
Date of Joining: 17/03/2014

Professional Summary

Dr. Muhammad Azam Bokhari is a Dermatologist and Aesthetic Physcian at Shalamar Hospital. He is a fellow of the College of Physicians & Surgeons.

Dr. Muhammad Azam Bokhari has attended medical school at King Edward Medical College, Lahore and after MBBS; he completed his membership from College of Physcians & Surgeons. Later he secured degree of MSc Dermatology from University of Glasgow. He also completed his fellowship in dermatology from College of Physcians & Surgeons Pakistan.

He worked as head of the department at Punjab medical College, Faisalabad and later

Prior to joining Shalamar, Prof Dr. Muhammad Azam Bokhari was Heading the Dermatology Department at Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore.

Title From To Institution City/Country
FCPS (Dermatology) 1994 1999 College of Physcians& Surgeons Pakistan Pakistan
MSc Dermatology 1989 1991 University of Glasgow Scotland
MCPS (Dermatology) 1978 1980 College of Physcians& Surgeons Pakistan Pakistan
MBBS 1972 1978 King Edward Medical College Pakistan
Title From To Institution City/Country
Professor & Head of Dermatology Department 03/2014 Tilldate Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences Pakistan
Professor & Head of Dermatology Department 07/2006 01/2014 SIMS/Services Hospital, Lahore Lahore, Pakistan
Professor & Head of Dermatology Department 06/2000 07/2006 Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad Fasilabad, Pakistan
Associate Professor & Head of Dermatology 10/1994 06/2000 Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad Fasilabad, Pakistan
Assistant Professor & Head of Dermatology 08/1984 10/1994 Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad Faisalabad,


Senior Registrar, Department of Dermatology 10/1981 08/1983 Mayo Hospital, Lahore Lahore, Pakistan
Registrar, Department of Dermatology 06/1979 10/1981 Mayo Hospital, Lahore Lahore, pakistan
House Physician, Department of Dermatology 06/1978 05/1979 Mayo Hospital, Lahore. Lahore, pakistan
Title From To Institution City/Country
Life time achievement award 2017 2017 SARAD Lahore, Pakistan
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Title From To Institution Country
Member PAD 1979 lifetime PAD Pakistan
Member SARAD 2007 Till date SARAD Pakistan
Member PMA 1978 Till date PMA Pakistan
Member Academic Council SMDC 2014 Till date SMDC Pakistan