Shalamar Hospital

Dr. Parvaiz Palous

MBBS, MSc (Audiological Medicine)
Consultant Audiologist
Department of ENT Shalamar Hospital and Medical College Lahore

About Dr. Parvaiz Palous

Dr. Parvaiz Palous, holding MBBS and an MSc in audiological medicine, is a dedicated professional serving at Shalamar Hospital in Lahore. Specializing in audiology, Dr. Palous offers a range of comprehensive services aimed at diagnosing and managing auditory disorders. With a commitment to excellence and personalized care, Dr. Palous ensures that individuals receive the highest quality of treatment and support for their auditory health needs at Shalamar Hospital.

Consultant Audiologist Shalamar Hospital and Medical College

  • Audiometry,
  • Play audiometry,
  • Tympanometry,
  • Acoustics Reflexes,
  • Hearing aids advices,
  • Otoacoustics Emission (New born Screening),

Distraction Test.  

Dr Parvaiz Palous has research interest in Audiological medicine.

Shalamar Hospital Lahore

Consultant Audiologist (Sep 3, 1996 – todate)



Medical Officer (Sep 26, 1987- Jan, 26 1993)


Private Practice Lahore (Dec 01, 1986- Sep 20, 1987)


Salvation Army Health Project Lahore

Medical Officer (Sep 19, 1984 – Nov 30, 1986)


UCH Lahore

House Officer (Aug 10, 1983 – July 16, 1994)


Quaid e Azam Medical College

Demonstrator (March 06, 1983 – Aug  08 1983 )

1995 MSc Manchester University UK

1982       Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (M.B;B.S) Quaid e Azam Medical College Bahawalpur, Pakistan