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Audiology is the study and treatment of people who experience hearing loss and undergo associated complications. The causes can be related to genetics, illnesses or external factors such as accidental damage to the hearing system. As hearing is one of the five essential senses of the human body, it is important that treatment or rehabilitation be administered as soon as the hearing loss is discovered.

At Shalamar hospital best Audiologists in Lahore aim to restore full or partial hearing to patients to improve their quality of life as hearing impairment and loss can affect their interactive abilities. Audiology has come a long way in terms of refining hearing aids and assistive listening devices, making it easier for people to access aids specific to their type of hearing loss. This is beneficial to audiologists who aim to restore full or partial hearing to patients.


Dr. Parvaiz Paloos

MBBS, MSc (Audiological Medicine)
Specialist Audiologist

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