Shalamar Hospital

Since its inception, Shalamar Hospital has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to prioritizing women’s health and well-being. From 2017-2022, more than 1.4 million female patients seek medical care at the hospital. This influx reflects the trust and confidence that women place in Shalamar Hospital. The Women’s Health Center at Shalaamr Hospital aims to cater to the unique and individual needs of women by providing personalized and convenient healthcare services. Female-centric care involves creating a well-decorated, feminine environment that feels relaxing, providing exceptional customer service, establishing a personal relationship with patients, and offering communication and counselling with confidentially.

Women’s Health Center is a one-stop facility that collaborates with multidisciplinary care teams to improve interdepartmental coordination, use of electronic medical records, cross-referral, diagnostic coordination, and follow-up of outpatient and inpatient files. The Shalamar Women’s Health Center offers a range of healthcare services that are both integrated and comprehensive. These services include consultation, diagnostics, nutrition, weight management, mental health, and integrative medicine. In addition to this, the women’s health centre also focuses on women’s health by providing preventive care through health education and community health initiatives.

Stages of Development:

Establishing a women’s health centre will take place in multiple stages. Initially, a team from Johns Hopkins Medicine visited Shalamar Hospital in December 2021 to conduct an onsite gap assessment of the current facilities, staffing, and services.The second leg of the journey entailed sending 40 clinicians to the various sites of Johns Hopkins Health System in the USA to learn about standard practices and implement them here at Shalamar Hospital. As of now, 8 clinicians have completed their clinical rotations and more are in line to visit in the coming months.

Various projects are underway at Shalamar Hospital to implement key learning and improve patient outcomes. These new initiatives include Shalamar Breast Centre, Osteoporosis Clinic, Integrated Mother and Child Health Outpatient Department, Breast Imaging Clinic, and Rheumatology Clinic. WHC is one of its kind projects in Pakistan that is happening at Shalamar Hospital and there is a tremendous opportunity for Shalamar Hospital to develop a Center of Excellence in Women’s Health that can serve as a model, not only within Lahore but for the country