Gastroenterology Department

A sub-specialty of Internal medicine, gastroenterology deals with the diagnosis, treatment and management of components of the gastrointestinal tract. A gastroenterologist covers all concerns starting from the oesophagus to the rectum and treat illnesses such as Achalasia, Gastroparesis and Appendicitis.

Hepatology deals with all diseases of the liver and associated concerns. According to WHO, there is an influx of approximately 150,000 cases of Hepatitis each year in Pakistan. This is due to the poor sanitation and sewage conditions of Pakistan, which cause the persistence of the virus. The study of hepatology works to administer medical care which can combat the liver damage sustained due to hepatitis and other diseases such as cirrhosis, Liver cancer and polycystic liver disease.

Both branches of medicine require significant aftercare to ensure a good quality of life. Medical Practitioners aim to do so through the introduction of minimally invasive technology that can aid in the diagnosis of the concerned areas.