Shalamar Hospital

Dr. Abubaker Shahid

FCPS Oncology, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Radiotherapy and Oncology,
DMRT, Post-graduation in Radiotherapy & Medical Oncology FCPS in Radiation Oncology from College of Physicians & Surgeons
Visiting Medical Oncologist, Shalamar Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore

About Dr. Abubaker Shahid

Dr. Abubaker Shahid is a highly accomplished oncologist with over three decades of experience in cancer care, research, and education. He holds numerous qualifications, including a PhD in Radiotherapy & Oncology, and is a recipient of the prestigious Pride Of Performance award in Oncology. Dr. Shahid’s expertise covers a wide range of cancer treatments, and his contributions to the field are evident through his extensive list of publications in renowned medical journals. He is also actively involved in teaching and training the next generation of oncologists. His remarkable career and dedication to advancing cancer care make him a prominent figure in the global fight against cancer.

Visiting Medical Oncologist at Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences, Lahore

Vast experience of treating all types of malignancies utilizing Chemotherapy (including High dose & dose dense protocols) & Radiation. Working on almost all types of Radiotherapy equipment like Co-60  ,  LINAC , Deep X-Ray, Simulator , Treatment planning system etc

Dr. Abubaker Shahid’s research interests focus on optimizing cancer treatment, advancing radiopharmaceuticals, conducting clinical trials, understanding cancer epidemiology, exploring medical imaging, improving oncology education, and advocating for enhanced cancer healthcare policies.

  • Graduation (MBBS) from King Edward College Lahore –1986
  • House job in Surgery & Medicine 6 months each from1.1.1987 to 31.12.1987 Mayo Hospital, Lahore.
  • Training fellowship in Clinical Oncology from November 1993 to February 1994 at Christie Hospital, Manchester, U.K.
  • Training fellowship in Clinical Oncology & Medical Oncology at IGR Paris, France from October 1996 to December 1996.
  • DMRT, post-graduation in Radiotherapy & Medical oncology from Postgraduate Medical Institute and Punjab University, Lahore 1989.
  • PhD in Radiotherapy & Oncology from Punjab University, Lahore 2011.
  • FCPS in Radiation Oncology from College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan 2022.
  • Brochogenic Carcinoma Review of 50 Cases presented at Conference of Pakistan Radiological Society1990 Lahore
  • Thyrotoxicosis treatment by I-131 in Pakistan Radiological Society Conference Rawalpindi, 1995.
  • Post Mastectomy Radiotherapy in Breast Cancer, Shaukat Khanum Conference Lahore, 1999.
  • An experience with Femara at INMOL Pakistan Radiological Society Conference, Peshawar 1999.    
  • Sandostatin in Hypatocelular Ca presented at Novartis Conference in Burban, Karachi and Society of Surgeons Lahore.
  • Gemcitabain in NSCLC at CPC Gulab Devi Hospital Lahore.
  • Multiple myeloma, three years experience at INMOL at Pakistan Society of Clinical Oncology Meeting Faisalabad and Pakistan Society of Hematology, Peshawar.
  • Hodgkin Disease experience at INMOL and Sheikh Zayed Hospital Lahore.
  • Post Mastectomy RT in Ca Breast at Krakow Poland and Madrid, Spain.
  • INMOL Experience in NPCa in Vienna IAEA meetjng.
  • AC-T in high risk Ca Breast, CRG study Peshawer, 2003.
  • Management of Bone mets Peshawer, PSCO, 2003.
  • Chemo Radiation with & without Brachytherapy boost in NPCa, IAEA Project meeting Cairo , December 2005 & PSCO meeting Faisalabad 2005.
  • Case Presentation Novartis Oncology meeting Istanbul Turkey August, 2005.
  • Case Presentation in Astra Zenica onco meeting December, 2006.
  • Case Presentation in Novartis Oncology meeting , Islamabad May, 2007.
  • Locally advanced breast cancer(LABC),CCL onco,Tashkent.
  • INMOL data on Ca Nasopharynx with & without Brachy boost at RCM , Vienna ,Oct, 2007.
  • Hypo fractionation in breast cancer , at AJM oncology meeting, Pataya Thailand August 2008.
  • An overview of breast cancer at Astra-Zenica meeting Islamabad & AJM meeting Thailand 2008.
  • Weekly paclitaxel in breast cancer, at Cipla oncology meeting, Malysia.
  • Gemcitabine in metastatic breast cancer, ATCO oncology symposium, Kualalumpur, Malysia, Dec , 2010.
  • Everolimus in Renal cell ca, year end oncology meeting by Novartis, Bali Indonesia, Dec 22-24 , 2011.
  • Started the Project “Post Mastectomy Radiotherapy in Breast Cancer, A comparison of three protocols” with the co-operation of IAEA in July 1998. Attended the project meetings in Poland 1998 & Spain 2000 and presented the data and follow up of 60 Cases. The project was then recommended for multi centric trial by the agency.
  • Worked as chief  investigator of IAEA multi –institutional Project on Nasopharyngeal carcinoma with & without Brachytherapy boost
  • Conducted the research trial in high risk operable breast cancer (AC-T) with Cancer Research Group of Pakistan
  • Started a project in advanced colorectal cancer with Irinotecan in collaboration with CRG.
  • Participated in a trial on Bronchogenic ca (PLUS-1) designed by Eli-Lilly.
  • Participated in a multi institutional trial on Induction chemo followed by Erlotinib maintenance in NSCLC.
  • Worked as chief investigator of IAEA , PERTAIN multi centric study for PET guided NSCLC tumour delineation.
  • International Oncology Conference SKMT February, 1999 Lahore.
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology ASCO, New Orleans, USA May, 2000.
  • Paclitaxel International Moot January, 2002 Bangkok, Thailand.
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology ASCO, Florida, USA May, 2002.
  • Pakistan Society of Clinical Oncology Meeting Karachi, Pakistan December, 2002.
  • International Lung & Breast Cancer Update Meeting Bangkok, Thailand February, 2003.
  • Ebewe Breast Cancer Meeting Salzburg, Austria June, 2003.
  • SKMT Cancer Conference October 2003, Dubai.
  • IAEA Project meeting NPCa, Vienna December, 2003.
  • PSCO International Cancer Conference, Peshawar, 2003.
  • ASCO Conference USA, 2004.
  • Eli Lilly RCM, Malaysia, March, 2004.
  • Novartis Onco Meeting Cairo, August, 2004.
  • Middle East ONCO Meeting Feb, 2005, Jordan.
  • Regional RCM, Eli Lilly, Feb, 2005, Hong Kong.
  • Roche Oncology update August, 2005, Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Novartis oncology symposium August 2005 Istanbul, Turkey.
  • IAEA, NPCa meeting December, 2005 Cairo.
  • ASCO meeting, 2006, Atlanta, USA.
  • Milan Breast Cancer Conference, Italy, 2007.
  • CCL Onco launch seminar Tashkent,sep 2007.
  • IAEA RCM on Ca Nasopharynx ,Vienna,23-25 Oct,2007.
  • ASCO 2008 Chicago , USA, June 2008.
  • International conference on malignant lymphomas Lugano Switzerland ,June 2008.
  • AJM oncology meeting August 2008 Thailand.
  • Saint Gallens breast cancer meeting, March 2009, Switzerland.
  • Cipla oncology meeting, Kualalumpur, Malysia,June, 2009.
  • ATCO oncology symposium, Kualalumpur, Malysia, Dec , 2010.
  • ESMO conference,Sep 2011, Stockholm,Sweden.
  • Novartis regional oncology conference, Dec 2011 Indonesia.
  • Asian oncology summit , April 2012 Singapore.
  • Europpean Cancer Conference 27th September to 1st Octobre 2013 Amsterdam Holland.
  • EBCC at Glasgow UK , March 2014.
  • IAEA PERTAIN study CRP meeting Vienna, July 2014.
  • IAEA Course on Thyroid Diseases, Beijing, China, June 2015.
  • ESMO Conference,Vienna, Austria, September, 2015.
  • IAEA project meeting on lung cancer , Vienna Austria, May 2016.
  • ESMO Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark,October 2016.
  • IAEA Scientific visit on Theranostics, Liverpool, UK, April, 2017.
  • EBCC, Barcelona, Spain, March, 2018.
  • IAEA project meeting Nov 2018, Vienna , Austria
  • Worked as Research Scholar in Atomic Energy Medical Centre ( CENUM) Mayo Hospital Lahore from 1st Jan, 1988 To 31st Dec, 1989.
  • Worked as a Senior Oncologist in Clinical Oncology at Institute of Radiotherapy & Nuclear Medicine (IRNUM), Peshawar from January 1990 to April 1991.
  • Worked at AEMC Mayo Hospital Lahore & Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Oncology (INMOL), Lahore as Senior Oncologist from April 1991 To 30 June 1996.
  • Worked at INMOL Lahore from 1.07.96 to 9.10.08 in Clinical Oncology. Promoted as Principle Oncologist on 1.12.98.
  • Worked at PINUM, Faisalabad as Director/Deputy Chief Oncologist from 16.10.08 to 31.08.12
  • Worked as Director/Chief Consultant at INMOL Lahore from 01.09.12 to 06.07.23.


  • Received Presidential civil award PRIDE OF PERFORMANCE in Oncology in 
  • Established first THERANOSTICS facility at INMOL in Pakistan.
  • Started MRI & PET based Radiotherapy simulations at INMOL for the first time in Pakistan.
  • Got INMOL recognised for five disciplenes for FCPS by CPSP.
  • Pakistan society of clinical oncology.
  • Cancer society of Pakistan.
  • Radiological Society of Pakistan.
  • Cancer Research Group of Pakistan.
  • Pakistan Islamic medical association.
  • Pakistan Medical Association.
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