Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saleem
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saleem
FRCS, FRCS (Trauma & Orthopaedics), MBBS
Professor & Head of Department
Department of Trauma & Orthopaedics
Date of Joining: 10/4/2000

Professional Summary

Professor Dr. Muhammad Saleem is a  Orthopedic Surgeon  at Shalamar Hospital and he is also Head of Department of Trauma and Orthopedics Shalamar Medical College, Lahore. He has done Diplomat Intercollegiate Board in Trauma and Orthopedics Surgery (FRCS Trauma and Orth) in 1999 from U.K. He has also passed his FRCS in 1993 from Royal College of Physician and Surgeon of Glasgow (UK).

He attended medical school at Nishtar Medical College, Multan and completed his MBBS in 1987.  He went to Ireland and England for his Postgraduate training in Trauma and Orthopedics Surgery. He worked 3 years in well reputed hospital in Ireland and passed his FRCS exam. Then did his 5 years residency in London, Stanmore under supervision of Prof. George Bentely and worked in the state of the art teaching Hospital like great Ormond Street, Royal Free, North Middle Sex, Lister, Basildon, Orsett, Old Church and Whittington Hospital. He worked as a locum consultant Orthopedic surgeon in Old church Hospital in London before joining Shalamar Hospital. He joined Shalamar Hospital as a consultant Orthopedic Surgeon in April 2000 and since then he has been working with the excellent performance and dedication.

His areas of interest are Paedriatic Orthopedics with the special interest in managing the feet deformities both congenital and acquired of all age group. He also does adult orthopedics Arthroscopy surgery, Joint replacement surgery, Ilizarov surgery and providing latest Trauma care for the fracture treatment including non-unions as being Shalamar Hospital a AO Trauma Centre and conducting every year AO International Courses from the last 9 years.

TitleYearInstitution City/Country
Diplomat Intercollegiate Board in Trauma and Orthopedics Surgery1999The Royal College of Physician and Surgeon of Glasgow, UKU.K
AO Trauma Fellowship1998University of FreiburgGermany
Fellowship FRCS1993The Royal College physician and Surgeons of Glasgow, U.KU.K
M.B.,B.S1987Nishtar Medical CollegeMultan
 SpR Trauma & OrthopedicsFrom  1/1/1998To    31/12/1999Old Church Hospital, Rumford, Basildon and Orset Hospital.London, U.K
SpR Trauma & Orthopedics1/7/1996 31/12/1997Great Ormond Street,  Whittington and The Royal Free HospitalLondon. U.K.
SpR Trauma & Orthopedics1/8/199430/06/1996Lister Hospital, North Middle Sex Hospital and Royal Free HospitalLondon. U.K.
SHO in Orthopedics / Surgery21/9/199030/6/1994Meath Hospital, Wexford General, Cork Regional & St. Mary’s.  Ealing HospitalIreland & London
TitleFromToInstitution City/Country
AO Foundation FEP (Faculty Education Program)02/201804/2018AO Trauma Middle EastDubai
ATLS02/1996Royal Free Hospital, LondonU.K.
AO / ASIF- BASIC COURSE07/1994Royal College of Surgeons of EnglandEngland
BASIC TECHNIQUES IN ARTHROSCOPIC SURGERY04/1995The Royal College of Surgeons of EnglandEngland
FOUNDATION COURSE ON LOCKING NAILING25/10/1995The Royal College of Surgeons of EnglandEngland
BASIC ILIZAROV METHOD COURSE FOR SURGEONS10/1995Lakeside Hotel, WindermereEngland
EXTENAL FIXATION IN TRAUMA AND ORTHOPEEDIC05/1996The Royal College Surgeons of EnglandEngland
AO ADVANCE COURSE12/1996DavosSwitzerland
MANAGEMENT OF SPORTS INJURIES05/1997The Royal college of Surgeons of EnglandEngland
DEBATE ABOUT HIP REPLACEMENT / WORKSHOP11/1997Southmead Hospital, BristolEngland
AO PEER  Course- Principal of Clinical Research / Teacher Seminar28-29/07/2018SMDCLahore
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  1. A prospective comparative study of PFN and SHS for Per-trochanteric Femur Fracture Journal of Rawalpindi Medical College (JRMC); 2020; 24(2) 156-160 Amer Khan, Muhammad Ali, Ayesha Tahir, Muhammad Saleem, Usman Sarwar, Imran Manzoor.
Title From ToInstitutionCountry
PMDC1987Till datePakistan Medical & Dental CouncilIslamabad, Pakistan
GMC1994Till dateBritish General Medical CouncilU.K.
AO Trauma membership2012Till dateAO Trauma InternationalSwitzerland