Shalamar Hospital organizes an Awareness Walk and Seminar to mark the World Diabetes Day.


World Diabetes Day is celebrated all over the world every year in the second week of November. For this reason, Sakina Institute of Diabetes & Endocrine Research (SIDER) in collaboration with the Business Planning and Development department at Shalamar Hospital organized an awareness walk and seminar for the general public. There were a great number of people who participated in the walk along with students from the medical college, doctors, nurses and paramedical staff. Free medical consultation was provided to patients who came to the camp. They were also provided with blood sugar and cholesterol test along with medication.  Dr. Rozina Arshad (Incharge Sugar Center), Dr. Saira Yousaf and various nutritionists graced the seminar with their presence and addressed the audience about the causes of Diabetes and the ways to combat it. The doctors identified the lifestyle as the basic reason for diabetes; lack of exercise and dietary imbalance are the major causes which can lead to Diabetes. They further stated that the number of diabetes patients is increasing in Pakistan and identified Diabetes as a dangerous disease because it leads to other diseases of heart, kidney and eyes. As Pakistan is a developing country having a large population of  poor and uneducated individuals, people  struggle in identifying that they have diabetes or they realize it at a later stage when the situation becomes difficult. Hence, the doctors insisted that every healthy person should get his sugar test (hba1c) done at least once a year. On this occasion, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) addressed the audience and told them that Shalamar Hospital regularly organizes such awareness sessions about diseases so that people can adapt a healthier lifestyle. The Head of Business Planning and Development Department, Usman Suleman also thanked the pharmaceutical companies who helped making this session a success.