Shalamar Hospital is dedicated to healing and protecting the hearts of its patients through state of the art and comprehensive cardiology services including preventative cardiac procedures, diagnostic cardiology, surgical procedures, cardiac rehabilitation and education.
We value our patients as individuals and are sensitive to each patient's needs giving reassurance whenever needed.

We are proud to have very experienced Cardiologists guiding our highly trained staff, who specialize in cardiology. The 11 bedded CCU has all the state of the art equipment necessary for managing all sorts of cardiovascular emergencies. Facilities include ECG, Echo-Cardiography, Exercise Tolerance Test, Holter Monitoring and Temporary pace maker insertion.
There is a plan for establishing cardiac catheterization Lab in Shalamar Hospital. The management is working to expand the Department bringing even better clinical services for the patients. The new facilities would incorporate Coronary Angiography, Angioplasty, Stenting and Valvuloplasty.